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Stego Kick Start Training and Certification

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Add Certified StegoHunt Examiner to your resume and certification list. Our 6 hour, online, hands-on training class walks you through the tools used by cyber criminals, investigative technologies, threats, investigation and mitigation strategies using the most powerful discovery and analysis tools available. As criminals use steganography to develop new advanced persistent threats you need to be prepared to respond with a high level of confidence.

This online training will give participants the opportunity to use the latest StegoHunt™, StegoAnalyst™ and StegoBreak™ technologies to become familiar with the ease of use in mitigating this threat.

Sign up today and take advantage of the special pre-registration pricing. Classes are available in multiple time-zones allowing you to take the course when it is convenient for you. Get certified by the best!



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Academic Program


George Mason Cybersecurity Innovation Forum: Steganography and the evolving threat of Data Hiding

DFI News Digital Magazine: Discovering The Hidden, The Future of Steganography

Steganography and Smart Phones

Operation Shady Rat: Attackers used steganography to hide commands controlling infected machines

Alueron Trojan uses steganography

Russian Spy Case Shines Light on Steganogaphy

Steganography: Deciphering Hidden Messages


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