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Steganography and Data Hiding Academic Program

Real World experience in the classroom

The Steganography and Data Hiding Academic Program allows colleges and universities to offer students a complete curriculum or to add new segments to already existing cybercrime programs. The materials provided feature a combination of lecture, hands-on lab experience, newly published book on the subject, and the leading steganography investigation software.

Students will experience tools used by cyber criminals, along with the latest investigative technologies and mitigation strategies. Students will gain experience and knowledge to combat the rising threat of criminals using steganography to develop new advanced persistent threats.

Complete program that can be added to any curriculum
This program is a total solution that can be rolled out easily and with minimal costs associated. This program centers on the subject of Steganography and Data Hiding, and utilizes StegoHunt™ and a book co-authored by our Chief Scientist and Founder Chet Hosmer and published by Syngress.

Key Benefits and Features:
  • Offer students hands-on experience with the industry's leading software tool for discovering the presence of data hiding activities.
  • Offer students a dynamic learning experience on a sophisticated topic that will set them apart from others as they enter the workforce.
  • Affordable program which allows value to be added to your existing curriculum.
What’s included?
For Instructor:
  • StegoHunt™: the industry's leading software tool for discovering the presence of data hiding activities. Included in the StegoHunt package are the additional analysis tools, StegoAnalyst™ and StegoBreak™. With this full suite of technologies, investigators, corporate auditors, incident responders, breach teams and data leak prevention users are able to quickly identify if steganography is present in active cases or in the work environment.
  • Full suite of lecture and lab materials: the same materials WetStone Technologies has used in its own Advanced Steganography training courses to teach and certify federal, state, local, private and corporate investigators all over the world.

For Student:

  • StegoHunt Lite: a lite version of the same industry leading software tool for discovering the presence of data hiding activities. 
  • Book: Data Hiding: Exposing Concealed Data in Multimedia, Operating Systems, Mobile Devices and Network Protocols. This book provides an exploration into the present day and next generation of tools and techniques used in covert communications, advanced malware methods and data concealment tactics. The hiding techniques outlined include the latest technologies including mobile devices, multimedia, virtualization and others.

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Demo Video
Academic Program


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