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Sovereign Time

Sovereign Time™ was developed to deliver a source of trusted auditable, and verifiable time to our customers in the DoD, commercial, legal and international communities. Sovereign Time™ is considered a Root Time Authority, having secure and direct connectivity with a number of National Measurement Institutes.

Sovereign Time™ offers secure and auditable digital timestamps in two technologies:

Time Check™ performs periodic measurements of distant digital computer clocks using a secure protocol. Time Check provides irrefutable evidence that the time of the digital clocks under its management and control are traceable, through Sovereign Time, to an Official Time Source, and are secure.
FairWitness™ delivers the ability to bind the who-what and for the first time, the when of digital evidence to the desktop of any investigator in the world. FairWitness relies on Sovereign Time to provide the time (UTC), the official time source of the world. This traceability of Digital Evidence Time Stamps from their issuance back to UTC significantly improves the integrity of any digital evidence collected.