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ProDiscover® Incident Response Edition version 9 gives incident handlers the ability to defend their systems across the network while preserving data in a forensically sound manner from beginning to end. Using "Least Destructive Methods," and "Patent Pending" technology, ProDiscover's powerful new features allow the user to defend against a variety of threats, both internal and external. Rather than destroying data to address a system threat, ProDiscover gives the user the option to Lock Out, Knock Out, or Shut Down the threat immediately. In other words, if the threat is user based, it can be locked out; if the threat is process based, it can be knocked out; and if the user is unsure of the extent of the threat, the system can be shut down completely.

Using our Connect Collect Protect® process, the user can easily connect to the system using a removable Smart Agent, conduct analysis, collect data if required, and respond accordingly to protect their data. Moreover, ProDiscover's malware discovery capabilities are unsurpassed. To ensure malware identification accuracy, ProDiscover now deploys WetStone's Gargoyle™ technology along with the National Drug Intelligence Center's Hashkeeper database. When adding ProDiscover Incident Response Version 9 to a cyber arsenal, the return on investment is immediate. Roles are combined, tools are reduced, and training overhead is minimal. Every organization that is serious about system security should have it.

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