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Gargoyle Investigator

Cyber Threat Investigations Training and Certification 

Add Gargoyle Investigator Certified to your resume and certification list!
Course Overview:
This on-demand course includes practical exercises and hands on examination using WetStone's Gargoyle Investigator™ technology. The class focuses on the discovery of cyber weapons located on computers belonging to the suspect and/or victim. In addition, students will learn practical steps in categorizing cyber threats and determining their potential impacts.


Advance preparation or certificate is not required. The Gargoyle Investigator software is required for class participation.
Successful students will receive a Gargoyle Investigator Certified Certificate upon completion
of the written and practical labs and the final exam.

Who Should Attend:
This course is intended for government, law enforcement, legal professions, and incident response personnel who need definitive information and evidence regarding cyber weapons found on victim or suspect computers.

Training Materials Included:
→ Multimedia lecture
→ In depth demonstrations
→ Lab materials and questions
→ Certification exam

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Lab Sessions