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Discover the Hidden™

WetStone Technologies most affordable steganography investigative solution, Discover the Hidden is a software tool providing investigators the ability to conduct a quick search on a computer for known Steganography and Encryption programs. Discover the Hidden is intended to be a quick and easy scan requiring a minimal amount of technical knowledge.

Discover the Hidden utilizes a combination of program traits, Fibonacci and MD5 hashes to discover and confirm the existence of advanced data hiding programs and efficiencies.

In addition to the software each license comes with Chet Hosmer and Mike Raggo's book Data Hiding. This book provides an exploration into the present day and next generation of tools and techniques used in covert communications, advanced malware methods and data concealment tactics. The hiding techniques outlined include mobile devices, multimedia, virtualization and others. These concepts provide corporate, government and military personnel with the knowledge to investigate and defend against insider threats, spy techniques, espionage, advanced malware and secret communications.

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