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Advanced Threat Identification (ATI)

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Advanced Threat Identification (ATI) allows the user to enable preemptive defense on McAfee ePO-Managed Assets. ATI efficiently enforces unauthorized use policies and protects against security threats.

By leveraging the investment organizations have made in McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint, extending the one security agent and centralized management view provided by McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), and utilizing the enforcement features of McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), ATI helps companies protect their critical assets and save time and money.

Business Problem
Reports by the US Secret Service and Carnegie Mellon’s CERT estimate that over 70% of successful cyber attacks originate from employees and contractors inside an organization. The applications used by these malicious insiders in their attempts to access business critical systems and information, and the methods used to leak that information often go undetected by the desktop and server protection commonly deployed in the enterprise. While Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions can often detect the existence of sensitive information on a desktop or server, and the transmission of sensitive information out of the enterprise, savvy criminals can use covert channels to both hide the existence of that information at rest and in motion through the use of steganographic techniques.
McAfee + Allen Corporation Solution and Benefits
Allen Corporation and McAfee are partnering to bring ATI and preemptive defense capabilities to McAfee customers. Allen Corporation has been a leader in advanced malware discovery research and technology for over ten years. ATI leverages that research which has resulted in the most comprehensive collection of malware signatures in the industry. These signatures, which target programs and tools used by cyber criminals, represent a robust and complementary extension to the database of threat signatures offered by McAfee. Allen Corporation’s malware signature database has been an essential component in its industry-leading forensic malware investigation tool, WetStone Gargoyle Forensic Pro.

Gargoyle, which is used by digital
 investigators and forensic examiners worldwide, was recognized by SC Magazine as the Best Computer Forensic Product of 2008, and in December 2009 as one of the top twenty security products in the last twenty years.